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Apps Bring a Truckload of International Success!

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Here at Just Ask Marketing HQ, we love hearing how similar products to ours are driving businesses forward, and we recently came across a great case study! And guess what? It’s all to do with the magic of apps!

So here’s the story in a nutshell… (If this doesn’t get you thinking about the enormous benefits of business apps, we don’t know what will!)

Husband and Wife duo Christy and Russell White own Fleurty Ginger, a clothing boutique for women, based in Louisiana. Most items for sale are offered for less than $40 and they’re the only boutique in Los Angeles that exclusively sells plus-size items (note the USPs!).

When the couple first started the business, their ‘shop’ was a truck that travelled around the state; selling clothing at parties, sales events, school functions… you get the picture. It wasn’t long before news of this distinctive business spread and the demand for Fleurty Ginger and their affordable, unique clothing range grew enormously (that’s the power of referral marketing!). Facebook also brought 12,000 fans in the first year and a successful periodic followed.

Last year, Christy and Russell opened a storefront and also started taking online orders; shipping their merchandise to customers across the country. Things were looking good. Really good. But then Facebook changed its policies and the business started getting fewer views.


But…unwilling to let anything get in the way of their success, Christy and Russell started to delve deeper into potential marketing strategies and one particular idea kept popping up time and time again – a business app.

Following much research into this growing phenomenon, the couple concluded that “going mobile” would bring serious benefits to their business. If they were to take Fleurty Ginger to the next level of success, and be able to sustain it, they needed a business app!

And just look at what that one good decision has done for their company:

  • Online sales have increased by 16%, and online traffic has increased by 23%.
  • Store traffic has increased by 17%.
  • Customers who downloaded the app returned within one week 29% of the time, and within two weeks 48% of the time, thanks to the loyalty scheme.

And here’s how the app has enabled such impressive results…

  • In-app coupons have been a huge success with customers.
  • Push notifications about special offers has given the business a big boost.
  • The app links directly to their mobile-optimised website; making it easier to customers to purchase online.
  • Customers use the app to view new inventory and see in-store promotions.
  • They use the app to click through to social media pages.
  • Customers can also follow the truck and coordinate private events via the app.
  • And of course… the Mobile Loyalty Card which customers always appreciate!

Impressive isn’t it? And it just goes to show that small changes can have an enormous impact!

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