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Apps for Schools
& Nurseries

The Next Generation of Collaborative Education

Running a school or a nursery comes with many crucial duties; not least the responsibility you have to communicate with parents.
Every parent wants to feel connected and confident that they are involved in their child’s education or day care. An app provides the kind of free, mobile interaction that parents have long needed. In an age where more and more parents are in full-time work, the power of an app makes misinformation and miscommunication a thing of the past. It’s a known fact that collaborative education drives the best results. And that’s exactly what our expert apps can help to achieve.
Imagine how much easier it will be for parents when your fully-branded app enables them to:

  • Access homework advice and syllabus guidelines;
  • Check school / nursery menus;
  • Keep up to date with the latest news;
  • Check their child’s individual progress;
  • Instantly access a current school calendar;
  • Receive important information via social media;
  • Use one simple channel of communication anytime and anywhere

But that’s not all…
It’s all well and good teaching children to ‘reduce, recycle and reuse’, but sending letters home each week doesn’t exactly make a good impression (and just think how many of these letters never actually make it home!). A mobile app can help to cut down on the amount of paper used plus ensure teachers have more time for teaching (rather than producing letters and information).
In a recent survey, 90% of parents stated that they thought it was important that schools and nurseries kept up to date with the latest advances in technology. Creating an app for your school/ nursery will instantly boost your reputation; demonstrating that your education premises always remains ahead in its sector while showing parents that their opinions matter.

Ask Mark Apps for schools

With the long list of benefits that mobile apps have, it is hardly surprising that they have been named “the future” for school and nursery communication.
After all, would any parent or teacher ignore the opportunity to help enhance such an important aspect of a child’s life?