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Keep Your Customers ‘Appy!

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As a business owner, you know that you have to adapt to meet the needs of your customer. You also know that you have to consistently engage with your target market and become an integral part of their lives. The fact is you can’t be a business owner without connecting with your customers. It just doesn’t work in today’s world. You know that too.

But what you may not know is how to do this effectively and affordably. How do you keep your customers happy, increase sales and stay ahead of the game without having to employ a whole new team of staff?

It’s a lot easier than you think…

Lead Ahead of the Competition

If none of your closest competitors have a business app, do not look at this as a reason not to get one. In fact, make it your biggest reason to get one – ASAP!

Firstly, business apps are quickly becoming the new communication for all companies, so if your competitors haven’t got one now, they will do if they are still trading in a year or two.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your business doesn’t need an app just because your competitors are still operating like it’s 1999! Just because their businesses are not moving forward, it doesn’t mean yours has to stand still. Take advantage of the fact that your competitors are lagging behind the times and fill a gap in the market!

Secondly, doing the things your competitors are not doing will instantly boost your reputation and your sales! Your customers like to know that they are cared about; that you are prepared to go that extra mile for them. Building a business app demonstrates that you are interested in making life easier for your customers. And who doesn’t want a simple life?

Take Your Business to Your Customers

So what happens if you run a gym but some of your target market doesn’t regularly have time to use it? What happens if a large chunk of your market works during your opening hours?

Do you have to put up with reduced business? Does the future of your company have to run on a restricted service?

Not when you get a business app!

In an age where time has no bearing on productivity, your customers expect your service outside the traditional 9-5 bracket. They also expect it in the convenience of their own homes. And to be honest, who can blame them? With everything so readily available at a swipe of a Smartphone, why should your customers wait until the morning to call you for advice when they can instantly access the same thing somewhere else? Why would your customers brave all weathers to visit you when they can receive the same product/ service in the comfort of their own homes?

Remember that your customers are not under any obligation to wait for you. If your customers can’t get to you then make sure you get to the customers. Because procrastination never filled the order books!

Communicate to Duplicate!

Loyal customers are the key to any successful business. But how do you build a loyal sphere of lucrative business?

It starts with creating a strong presence, providing great value and building strong customer relationships. Get than sorted and you’ll have a solid foundation for return customers. If you own a hairdressing salon, a business app can help your customers choose a style that best suits their face shape. If you run a nursery, an app can provide parents and carers with that much needed insight into their child’s progress. If you own a garage, you can offer your customers the chance to receive discounts through a convenient, in-app loyalty scheme (we could go on…).

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, businesses in today’s world rely on the engagement, convenience and flexibility that only an app can provide. Fact.

Remember that your customers regularly get bombarded with marketing mumbo-jumbo but they want to feel as if they’re communicating directly with you, the business owner. And what’s the next best thing to that? An app.

You see, achieving that next level of sustainable success is so much easier than you think.

Want to know more about how we can help you with your business app? Call us on 07738 244 378 today or get in touch via email for a chat about your business.

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