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Personal Trainers Take Note – Here’s a Bundle of FREE Business!

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Referral marketing is key to the success of any business. But for personal trainers, word of mouth marketing is pretty much incomparable to any other strategy. You know this. But do you often find it difficult to implement referral programmes into your business? Do you have a vision of where you want to be but find it difficult to create and stick to an achievable plan?

Not anymore; as we have the marketing exercise that will make your business as healthy as your star client!

Here is a batch of proven referral strategies to help get your business into perfect shape!

1. Create an Ongoing Referral Program

If you don’t already have one, set up an ongoing referral programme. Today!

Think of an attractive reward that you can offer to those who refer new clients to you. A reward scheme usually involves not only rewarding the act of referring prospects but also offering rewards when the referral becomes a client. This double incentive will help to stop non-potential clients from being passed to you. In other words, you are more likely to only be put in touch with the people who will end up paying for your service!

2. Set Up a Transformation Challenge

This is a great way to generate referrals as your clients spread the word of their challenge to family, friends and colleagues (not to mention the Social Media coverage it will create!). A good idea is to also think about team contests where even more referrals are likely to take place. Of course, a cash prize is always a guaranteed motivator!

3. Organise a Fundraising Event

Think of a cause or a charity that is of interest to both you and your clients and organise a workout where you will donate a cash amount for each new person who takes part. Make sure that you offer the event for free and that the participants understand that you will be donating.

This is a great way to enhance your profile whilst raising money for a good cause (plus, of course, people get a free work out in the process!).

4 Find a JV Partner

Consider joining forces with other businesses who serve your target market.

Remember to ensure that both businesses will benefit from the partnership and that favours are returned.

5. Embark on Random Acts of Kindness

Do the things that other businesses are not doing to show your customers how much they are valued. Small gestures such as sending Christmas/ Birthday cards and inexpensive branded items do not go unappreciated.

Remember to keep it subtle and to only send cards and gifts to the customers who have willingly given you their details.

So now you have these tried and tested tips, start putting them into practice today and watch your business grow!

I’ll be back soon with another bundle of FREE business, but in the meantime, get building that referral programme! It really does work!

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