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SMS Marketing

What is the one thing that almost all of your prospective and existing customers do over 150 times a day?

Check their mobile phones!

Imagine that you placed a business advert in the local paper and you were told that all of your target market was guaranteed to read it; you would be pretty excited, wouldn’t you?

Well that’s the reality of SMS marketing – only with many more added benefits!

Over three-quarters of mobile phones worldwide are SMS enabled and text messages are read on average within 5 seconds of being sent. With impressive stats like these, it’s no wonder most successful companies use SMS marketing.

But…for SME’s, traditional SMS marketing can often be challenging. With a limited amount of space to get your all-important message across, it can sometimes seem more hassle than it’s worth to implement such a strategy

But we have the solution right here, just for you! And it is guaranteed to boost your business!

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