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Why have an app? Read about the benefits of a mobile phone app.

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First things first – what can you actually do with our mobile phone app?

  • Connect with your customer
  • Inform your customers about offers, keep them up to date with your business
  • Build loyalty – very important, a loyal customer should always be rewarded.

and of course….

  • Generate Business, retain the business and continue to engage with your clients.

A branded mobile app can save you time and help you stay connected with your customers. Let your app work on the business rather than you in it. An app will help your business book all available slots in your diary, leaving you free to get on with serving your customers and running that amazing business of yours.

Our mobile phone app features

Let’s run through a few of the features to give you the low down. One of our favourite app features is the mobile loyalty card program. No more bits of card to store in your wallet and collect stamps on – your customers can do this through your app. With this feature you can reward your loyal customers for making frequent purchases at your business.

A couple of other features that you will find with all of our mobile phone apps are the push notifications and the one touch call feature.

The push notifications is quite a handy tool. You can send messages to your customers instantly or you can save yourself time and pre-schedule messages if you have a busy week ahead. Your customers will read 97% of mobile notifications compared to 20% of emails. That has got to be worth at least considering purchasing an app for, that is a pretty high percentage. Being able to notify your customers in this way means you can let them know about all the exciting events, new products and services or promotions – instantly!

The one touch calling feature does exactly what it says on the the tin. Your customers will be able to get in contact with you at the touch of a button from inside your new app. All your contact information can be stored in your app meaning no trying to save numbers or remember them on the go, making it really easy for your customers to get in touch with you.

So… is a mobile phone app for you? Off course is it!

You can find more info on our website or you can just contact us by email or call us on 01359 345100

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